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Vinyl Lover’s Poster - Any Album Cover

A unique art print produced by, and exclusive to, Querkee...


This extremely high quality print shows the album cover of your choice, in the highest quality available, along with the track listing, a spotify link to the album, the personnel and the colour scheme of the cover design. 


The print is extremely detailed and produced in very high resolution, so it looks great even at extremely large sizes. Like all our prints, we can arrange custom sizes if you have a particular size or frame in mind.


Select any album cover you like and we will do the rest. If you have any special requests for the information included, just let us know!

Vinyl Lover’s Poster


In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your sleeve, or there is damage in transit, please contact us within 14 days at and we will immediately set about rectifying the issue. In the case of damage, we would ask that you send images of both the damaged print and/or packaging to help us assess the issue.


In the first instance we would offer an immediate free replacement but, if this is not acceptable, we are happy to refund you in full.


Truthfully, we care about our customers and want everyone who purchases from us to be 100% happy.

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