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Since starting Querkee (via Etsy) in 2021, we have created over 1200 record sleeves for our customers...


Etsy ranks all sellers by three metrics - Communication, Delivery and Overall Rating. During our time on Etsy, our Communication Rating never dropped below 100%. Our Delivery Rating never dropped below 100%. And our Overall Rating never dropped below 4.8 (and was 4.9 for the bulk of the time). Why 4.8? Because we realised very early on that some customers give 4 star ratings even when they are "really happy". 

As part of Querkee - our custom poster and print company - our sleeves division began in earnest when we, as designers, produced some great looking posters showing famous record sleeves on them.


Then a customer asked if we produced actual sleeves...

And then another customer asked. And another. It soon became apparent that there was a huge demand for unique or replacement record sleeves and... we had both the talent and the high-end equipment needed to produce them to the very highest standard.


The thing is, at Querkee we are not only designers -we’re also vinyl lovers. So when we design a sleeve, it looks damn good. It’s a mission; an illness. When we recreate an existing sleeve for you, it’s accurate. It’s never as good as the original - it’s better! It’s pin-sharp and uses the highest resolution imagery we can find or - in many cases - recreate.

So, in essence, we’re part of a select group of artists who’ve achieved the unthinkable... cover versions that are actually better than the original!

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