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Whether you have a treasured vinyl that came without a sleeve, a second-hand vinyl that came with a damaged sleeve or even if your dog got so excited for a walk that he/she spilled coffee on your sleeve - we can sort it for you.

First we find the front cover. This is usually the easier bit. We find the highest resolution available, upscale if necessary and then - if some of the text looks a little ropey - we remove and replace it. Simples.

Then comes the back cover. Finding good back cover imagery is hard - believe us, we know. So, we find the best we can. Then we do what we can with the images and, more often than not, completely recreate all the text and logos for you, ensuring that they are pin-sharp.


As a lifelong Dolly Parton fan, Evan wanted a Gatefold Sleeve for the album "Halos and Horns" even though, in truth, there had never been a gatefold version of the album.

The first thing we did was find the best available imagery of both the front and back covers. By upscaling and sharpening, we managed to get the images looking good, but the text was still very pixellated - so we painted it out and recreated everything - including the logos.

For the inside spread, we located two more images of Dolly taken during the same photoshoot and then neatly overlaid the track list and some text about the album from the web...

The end result looked pretty good...

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