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We only do covers...
(But ours are better than the original!)

Damaged sleeve? Missing sleeve? Custom sleeve?
We create. We recreate. We print.

At Querkee, we specialise in creating custom and reproduction record sleeves for your favourite vinyl, on the best materials. Whether you have designed your own sleeve, need a unique sleeve designing for a special occasion, or require a reproduction sleeve to replace a missing or damaged one, we can help.

Working alongside you to get the best result, our design and artwork services are second-to-none and we are - to put it mildly - perfectionists. If the best imagery we can find for your sleeve has pixellated text, we paint it out and replace it with high resolution text instead. If the imagery you supply is not top-notch - we’ll improve it for you. If the image is poor, we find a better one.


What’s more, beyond the cost of the sleeve itself, there is nothing extra to pay - it’s all included in the price. What this means is that whether your sleeve is bespoke or reproduction, the quality will be the absolute best it can be. In the case of many reproduction sleeves, it will be even better than the original.



We have a wide range of pre-created Taylor Swift sleeves available to buy, including four gatefold versions of Taylor’s album "Lover - Live from Paris".

Instant discount...

Purchase 2 sleeves to receive an instant 15% discount (applied automatically at checkout) 3 to receive a 20% discount or 4 for a 25% discount. Drop us a line if you would like to purchase more - we can produce bulk orders!

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